Charlie is highly respected within the industry as a multi talented studio musician, vocalist, artist, songwriter and producer. His never-ending focus and drive in all his endeavors contribute greatly to the success of the projects in which he's involved. I have a great admiration for Charlie’s talent in the musical field and for his qualities as a human being. He has a unique understanding of the recording industry and has shown himself to be a inspirational educator."

Phil Ramone, 14 time Grammy Award winning producer / Chairman-Emeritus of the National Academy of Recording Artists & Sciences (NARAS)


We did receive a set of wonderful mini-guitars from you [The Mangold Music Foundation] earlier this year. They are wonderful! Thank you so much for your kind donation."

Rachel Corker, Program Coordinator, Department of Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


On behalf of the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Foundation, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of a guitar... Your support helps to enhance the vital programs and services that make it possible for miracles to happen every day. Thank you for helping to make a difference."

Brenda L. Fareri, Interim Board Chair, Maria Fareri Children's Hospital Foundation


Charlie has worked as a music creation instructor for the 21st Century Learning Center program in partnership with Stamford Public Schools... He actively engages students in learning how to play a variety of instruments and takes them through the song writing process. Charlie is more than an outstanding music teacher and truly motivates and inspires our students."

Timothy Dudics, Senior Program Director, Stamford Family YMCA