Our Team


Charlie Mangold, President

Charlie Mangold is a veteran of the music business, composing music for films, television and individual artists after graduating from The New England Conservatory of Music with a bachelor's degree in Jazz composition. 

He began visiting the pediatric cancer wards through Musicians On Call, an organization that brings music to the bedside of hospital patients. Being a teacher at heart, Charlie showed the children how to play a few chords after playing some songs for them on an acoustic guitar. He noticed how they'd have trouble letting go of the instrument, clearly not wanting to hand it over when it was time to go. "I was inspired by these young soldiers and wanted to support them with more than just a song," says Mangold. "I wanted to give them the tools to write their own music." 

Mangold Music Foundation was set up as a way to make this happen, providing instruments and lessons to ill and underprivileged children. It's a gateway to a lifetime of artistic inspiration.


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As Executive Producer at Big Foote Music + Sound, Paul Seymour oversees audio content for all media at the company’s studio in New York City. Recent projects include branded music for Google, Chevrolet, Coca Cola, NYSE, Nielsen and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Paul graduated from Syracuse University’s Music Industry Program and went on to become senior composer at Elias Associates in New York City and Los Angeles for over a decade, before joining Big Foote.

Music has been an important part of Paul’s life since childhood. His mother, a classical pianist and music teacher, demonstrated the transformative power of learning an instrument. Paul helps others find the passion that music evokes, awakening the love and desire for sound.


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Jane Jansen Seymour, Director

Throughout her career in communications, Jane Jansen Seymour has relied on powerful writing skills to reflect the brand and corporate vision. As a new music fiend, Jane has contributed news, concert reviews and interviews for PopMatters and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, along with back stories and playlists on her own website NewMusicMatters. She also researches source music for licensing projects and other functions.

Jane graduated from Smith College where she was active in the dance department as choreographer and performer. She has taught dance at the Darien Arts Center, where she served on the Dance Committee. And she still retains a soft spot for classic musicals from her high school performing days.


Robert T. Miliaresis, MUSIC EDUCATOR

Rob Miliaresis is an accomplished music teacher and composer.  He attended the Berklee School of music as well as the McNally Smith School of Music, majoring in guitar and piano, and is a published arranger/composer. Rob loves bringing music to those who otherwise would not have access, especially children.